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Category: Sprout Style

Sprout Style means clothing, bedding, toys, and everything else looks good and feels good because it’s free of toxins and harmful chemicals.

PFAS Free Rain Gear Safe Rain Gear Header

Keep Your Family Safe This Winter With PFAS-Free Rain and Snow Gear

The PFAS crisis is gaining recognition with more media attention and even a recent film. On a recent blog, we discussed the issues with PFAS chemicals that have been found in 99% of humans and are known to cause a variety of adverse health effects.This group of chemicals are “forever chemicals” because they never go away,… Read more »

The Best Organic Brands For Your Baby

Incorporate eco-friendly, environmentally-minded, and ethically-produced products into your child's life. We've gathered 5 of our top brands to show you it's possible to live a healthy, sustainable life while helping the planet live one too. Each brand we work with has the same purpose—to build awareness to the dangerous chemicals lurking in your home and… Read more »

Disney Clothing: Not So Cute After All

At Sprout, people ask us all the time how much the clothing their kid wears really matters. We have always believed it was important for developing children, especially newborns with porous skin, to be exposed to as few chemicals as possible. For us, that meant surrounding babies with mostly organic cotton. However, when friends would… Read more »

Benefits of Merino Wool

Benefits of Merino Wool – Organic Clothing for your Children

At Sprout, we believe in sustainable, safe, and natural clothing for our children. This is why we are such big fans of Merino wool. The Merino is one of the most ancient and toughest breeds of sheep originally from Spain. Today, they are commonly bred for their fine wool qualities in New Zealand. So, what… Read more »

Designing a Second Girl’s Room: How to Make it Unique

When we found out that Lindsay Pinchuk, founder of The Bump Club and Beyond in Chicago, was pregnant with her second daughter, we thought it would be so fun to help her design the space for her new addition. We have been lucky enough to work with Lindsay hosting events where expectant parents come to… Read more »

Transitioning Wardrobes for Cooler Seasons

As we approach the last warm days of summer and enjoy the cooler days of Fall, it is time to start getting out the sweaters and perhaps even buying a few new ones for our little ones. It is recommended that babies always be dressed in one or two more layers than adults. So when… Read more »

Our Interior Design Guru, Meredith Legenos

We are very excited to be displaying art work by Kim Senn, designer, artist and Mom of a very cute little guy named Hugo. Here is a little blurp on Kim from her blog: “Senn & Sons is a San Francisco based business headed by artist Kimberly Senn. She’s a lifelong maker of things –… Read more »

Creating an Organic, Healthy, & Stylish Nursery

Today there are more and more companies going green and switching to organic and natural products in the baby industry. We no longer have to sacrifice our own personal style for the organic option. Here are a few of our most functional and stylish products to help you get started in creating a calm and… Read more »

KicKee Pants Bamboo Fabric

The Benefits of KicKee Pants Bamboo Fabric

About Bamboo Fabric Natural bamboo fabric is gentle to both your baby and the earth. Bamboo is a sustainable plant that grows incredibly fast, at a rate of nearly three feet per day, and needs little water. Because it regenerates so quickly, pesticides do not need to be used in bamboo cultivation. Clothing made with… Read more »

Green Nursery Design

With so many difficult decisions to make when expecting baby, designing your nursery is no longer one of them. Sprout San Francisco is proud to offer nursery design consultation to help create the perfect green nursery for your little one. With Sprout’s wide range of solid wood cribs, 100% organic mattresses and crib bedding, eco-friendly… Read more »