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Keep Your Family Safe This Winter With PFAS-Free Rain and Snow Gear

The PFAS crisis is gaining recognition with more media attention and even a recent film. On a recent blog, we discussed the issues with PFAS chemicals that have been found in 99% of humans and are known to cause a variety of adverse health effects.This group of chemicals are “forever chemicals” because they never go away, not from the environment and not from our bodies so the safest option is to avoid them whenever possible.

PFAS Central, a website dedicated to providing current and accurate information about PFAS chemicals, has a PFAS-free products list. At Sprout, we only carry organic cotton but we often get asked about winter gear. So we are providing this quick guide to PFAS-free rain and winter gear:

The following outdoor gear brands that we carry have committed to producing products without PFAS chemicals:

In addition to PFAS chemicals, we also aim to avoid PVC in children’s clothes. You can usually tell if your child’s rain jacket or umbrella contains PVC because it will smell like a new shower curtain! Shop our stores for a limited selection of PVC free rain gear.

To see more PFAS-free products and stay up to date as the list is updated, visit the PFAS-Free Products list.

Source: PFAS-Free Products