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PFAS-Free Strollers– Why This Is Important At Sprout

PFAS chemicals, known as “forever chemicals” because they never leave your body or the Earth, are the same chemicals used in teflon pans and can cause a myriad of negative health effects. California has just passed a law banning these chemicals from juvenile products by July 2023.

At Sprout, we have decided in the meantime to remove all strollers that we know to be coated with PFAS chemicals from our stores. In cases where we have found no PFAS-free alternative yet to a specific type of stroller, we will continue to offer that option for now but strongly recommend a stroller insert to act as a barrier between the stroller fabric and the child.

For years we have been pushing our stroller vendors to remove PFAS from their fabrics. Though we knew of this concern, we had no alternatives to offer you as it was a pervasive problem. We are thrilled that some stroller companies, like Bugaboo, Bumbleride, UppaBaby, and Nuna, have proactively produced PFAS-free fabrics ahead of this change in the law. Now, we are encouraged that, in order to sell in California, others will soon have to follow suit.

Shop Sprout’s collection of PFAS-free strollers here. If you must use a stroller with PFAS chemicals, use an organic cotton liner to create a barrier between child and stroller materials.

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