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Category: At Play

Playtime is more than fun and games with tips from Sprout it’s safe and educational, too! We keep you up to date on the latest research into keeping toys healthy, safe, and free from harmful chemicals. From play dates to relaxing at home, we’ve got you covered.

Art Supplies: How to Keep Creativity Safe

A little after my daughter turned 1, we introduced her to crayons. It took a little while to figure it out, but pretty soon she was drawing on any piece of paper she could find. She was also eager to move beyond crayons, quickly recognizing that she could uncap any pen, marker, or highlighter she… Read more »

Scientists Link Prenatal Pesticide Exposure to Autism

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, recently conducted a study of almost 1000 women in California, looking at their pesticide exposure during pregnancy and incidences of autism in their young children. They found pregnant women who lived within a mile of an area treated with three different types of pesticides were at a two-thirds… Read more »

Zinc Oxide: Is This Something We Should Worry About?

As summer approaches and people are concerned about sunscreens, we have been getting questions about zinc oxide. People seem to be concerned that it can contain nano particles, and I was not sure I understood the concern and if it's really about the zinc itself or the nano aspect. I decided to ask our most… Read more »

Cosmetics & Kids – Advice from a Cosmetics Industry Expert

I often see little girls with their nails painted or playing with their mom's lipstick. Now my four year old daughter has been asking to paint her nails. My instinct was to say no, even if she uses “safer” nail polish. So I asked someone who used to work for a major cosmetics company about… Read more »

Birthday Gifts for One-, Two-, or Three-Year-Olds

At our stores, we are asked every day for birthday gift suggestions. When our customers are buyiing gifts for a one, two, or three year old, they are usually looking for something the child will enjoy, more than something the parents will appreciate. We have so much fun helping to pick out gifts that the… Read more »

The Best Gifts For Any “Little” on Your List

The holidays are just around the corner which means many of us will be buying gifts for children. This season, share the joy by giving only toys that are responsible and safe for your littlest loved ones. For the Little AthleteSprout Sports Ball Set, $35“Deck the halls” with Sprout’s plush organic Sports Ball Set. Made… Read more »

Touring the Green Toys Factory

At Sprout, we are constantly trying to refine our selection and make sure we have only the healthiest products on the market. This has led us to look more deeply into the origins of some of our plastics. In this vein, Rachel, Sprout’s co-founder, and I decided to take a trip to the Green Toys… Read more »

Tips for Indoor Play this Winter

According to a study by the EPA, the air quality in our homes is 2-5 times more toxic than the air outside (and it's worse in homes that use air fresheners!). Paints and finishes on walls, floors, and furniture can all contribute to the poor air quality in our homes. This is why it's great… Read more »

Going on a Gator Hunt: PlanToys Factory Tour

At Sprout, we often have customers looking to purchase products made only in the United States. Though we understand this sentiment, we feel that we work with wonderful vendors, many of whom own their own factories and ensure that their employees work in safe and sustainable conditions. These companies often provide much needed jobs to… Read more »