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Guest Post: NEAT Method

As Professional Organizers, we understand the challenge of NEAT living with children involved. From infants to toddlers, kids just accumulate a lot of stuff. We often times are asked, “What do we do with all of this stuff?”

Well, today’s your lucky day! NEAT Method has seen it all, heard it all, and you better believe, organized it all. So, now’s your chance to learn some of our secrets to living as organized as possible….even when there are kids involved.

Tip #1
Bins & Baskets.
No home stands a chance of being organized without the use of many bins and baskets. We recommend that you purchase these once you have a newborn and continue to use them as your child gets older. Small bins are great for inside dresser drawers. They allow you to separate all of the little items that are necessary for a newborn (pacifiers, diapers, socks, hats) and then repurpose them as your child gets older (lego’s, crayons, puzzles, toys). Larger baskets are always great inside of a closet for all of the necessary linens.

Tip #2
Child Proof.
As many parents know, kids are into everything! Therefore, everything needs to be child friendly. We have found that a kitchen can often times be the most challenging to make friendly. When babies are little, NEAT likes to designate a space for them to entertain themselves. The space is usually a low drawer or cabinet filled with non-breakables. For the rest of the cabinets, we recommend using the hidden cabinet locks to prevent them from getting into the unsafe areas. They can sometimes be a challenge for the average adult, but at least this way your kitchen remains attractive!

Tip #3
Fold instead of hang.
Due to the amount of clothing a baby goes through in a day, we recommend folding instead of hanging in the first stages of life. It is so much easier to maintain a drawer of folded clothing (or hide a drawer of un-folded….wink. wink.) Having individual drawer dividers always makes it easier to keep items categorized. We recommend leaving the hanging space for special occasion clothing or coats. Over time, the clothing will obviously start to grow as your kid grows. This would be the time to start hanging more of your children’s clothing (on matching hangers, of course)!

Tip #4
Buy extra storage. 
Make sure you have a few extra storage containers for when your child starts to out grow their clothing. This way you are able to easily label those bins (0-3 months, age 2, etc.) and place them in storage for a future bundle of joy or for donation. These bins are also great for storing each child’s keepsakes over time.

We truly believe that with the right storage solutions it only takes a few minutes a day to implement a NEAT life! Don’t let your kid’s stuff take over your home. Follow our suggested tips or contact NEAT Method to do it for you!


Ashley & Molly