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How to Throw a Green Baby Shower

Over the past few years baby shower bashes have become quite the party to attend. Not only are we seeing joint parties with both parents, but fully catered themed parties as well! While this may be a fun way to celebrate the arrival of your little one, we would like to offer a less wasteful green and organic option to ring in the celebration. We also often hear customers talk about not getting what they actually need at their showers and being left with a huge mess to clean up. We have put together some fun and easy green and organic tips to throwing a baby shower. This list will help you make sure you receive the gifts you need and throw the party your friends will love, all without needing a clean-up crew!

Invitations: Go paperless! With great websites offering free invitations and trackable responses, there is no longer the need for invitations. It's also a great way to save our trees and not worry about what kind of ink is used for the printing. If you are going to use paper invitations it’s best you use recycled paper. Also, there are now vegetable and soy based inks making them healthier for the environment.

Decorations: Instead of purchasing paper decorations, why not use organic and natural items for the décor? A great idea is to have a clothesline with different organic onesies and other layette items hanging from it. Have everyone bring something small and the mom to-be gets to take them home! Another great decoration is a diaper cake full of chlorine free diapers. Most popular diaper brands not only have chlorine in them, but a list of other harmful chemical that are in direct contact with your baby’s skin. So this is not only a very useful decoration but a safe one as well.

Registry: It’s great to get advice from friends and family when it comes to registering. It’s most important to make sure these recommendations are organic and healthy. One popular registry item is a nursing pillow. There is an organic option made by Blessed Nest. Remember, our skin is 60% absorbent and baby’s skin is even more, so it is very important to register for organic and healthy alternatives. Luckily, most companies are now making organic options. Make sure you follow a trusted registry list from either a friend or store. If you are on a budget and feel like you need to pick and choose what items are most important to be organic, make sure you choose a mattress. Non-organic mattress are sprayed with flame retardant chemicals and can also release other VOCs directly into the air your baby is breathing as their foam core breaks down over time.

Gifts please, but save the wrapping: At Sprout we try to use the lease amount of wrapping as possible. When we first opened it was hard to convince customers that our wrapping (or lack there of) looked clean and simple without the paper or big bows. Ask guests to either pass on the wrapping or use an organic canvas bag that the new mom can re-use.

What to serve: Buying organic and natural snacks and treats for guests is always a better choice and is especially healthier for those pregnant women in the crowd. Organic veggies and fruits tend to be more fresh and in season so they taste better as well. It’s also great to support local companies and farms. If you’re not in the mood to cook, many restaurants now cater using local and organic bites. In the SF area, a couple of good examples are Real Foods and Kara’s cupcakes.

Serving dishes and utensils: It’s always best to serve hot food on glass or metal dishes due to BPA and Phthalates that can be release when heat touches certain plastics or Styrofoam. If you would like to use disposable dishes, make sure to use recycled BPA and Phalate free options. There are companies now who make serving plates and utensils out of cornstarch and even potatoes.

Party favors: Give the gift that keeps on giving. Send your guest home with a packet of organic herbs or veggies to plant. This is a great way to spread the importance of eating organic and a fun reminder of what’s to come when the guests are tending to their garden.

Have fun!