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Mom Owned Businesses

Sprout San Francisco is entirely woman owned and operated – in fact, we’re powered by moms! We love getting behind women owned and mom owned businesses! We got in touch with a few of the inspiring entrepreneurial moms we work with and asked them how being a mom inspires their business.

Anshal Purohit, Chief Marketing Officer: NapiNol Nursery Therapies

mom owned business NapiNol

Anshal and her son Rain.

I created NapiNol Nursery Therapies in 2011 to meet a need that I felt a deep personal connection to. When my son, Rain, was born premature and spent his first days in an intensive care unit, I knew it would be important to keep his highly sensitive skin free of any potential irritants. During that time, I came to learn that a “natural” label doesn’t always mean a completely natural product. So I set out on a mission to give my baby the care he needed by creating safe, all-natural healing products that are grounded in proven science.

I consulted with a family friend who knew the ins and outs of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing for this type of product. As it turned out, he had already created a base formulation using just five essential ingredients to limit the number of possible irritants. We built on his formulation to bring our new brand to life. Our first product was a multipurpose ointment called NapiNol Topical Ointment. We found that it helped prevent—and heal—baby’s diaper rash, and relieved mom’s soreness from breastfeeding. Later, moms also found it to be great for soothing and healing dry skin patches and general baby boo boos. I’m overjoyed that we were able create something so helpful to Rain and myself, and to so many other moms and babies.

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Janice Masoud, Founder: Under the Nile

mom owned business Under the Nile

Janice with her daughters Shereen and Sarah.

The collections I design are made with organic cotton and include baby clothing, toys, and blankets. I started my company 20 years ago because I was determined to find clothing for my babies at the time (not so little anymore now) that would not irritate their skin. When I was working in the fashion district of San Francisco I found some information on “Organic Cotton” and the more I researched the more I was convinced that I should start my own organic baby clothing company that would not only benefit my own children, but all children. My entire life has always been centered around family, so It was natural for me to start my company from home, where It would be easier to strike a balance between business and my family life. I really didn’t realize until my girls were older that by having my own business from home taught them many life’s lessons. I would like to take the credit for the amazing women they have become, but the truth is they inspire me to be the best I can be. Their good-hearted nature to always help people no matter where they come from or who they are, makes me very proud. I’m so lucky to be the mother to my inspiring daughters, Shereen and Sarah.

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Kristin Coia, Founder: Go Gently Nation

mom owned business go gently nation

Kristin and her two kids.

In 2007, I decided to follow my lifelong dream to start a clothing line. With a 3-month-old baby by my side I decided I would start with children’s wear to dress my beloved little boy, Henry. Already living a holistic lifestyle (including managing an auto immune disease naturally), I began researching cotton and the kind of fabric I would use for the clothing line. After learning about the harmful environmental effects and health concerns that conventional cotton growth had begun to create throughout the world, I knew for certain I wasn’t going to have a company that supported the conventional cotton industry.

There were many difficulties in the beginning, when organic cotton was far from mainstream. It was expensive, scarce, and no one cared to pay more for garments made in it. But I had something I cared about very much and persevered despite the many challenges of staying afloat as an organic offering brand, as well as manufacturing in Los Angeles when so few were. Luckily, over the course of the last decade, consumers and the industry have come to realize the importance of apparel companies choosing organic cotton. We aren’t where we need to be and more consumer education is needed, but the industry is edging closer as larger brands are beginning to offer organic cotton in their lines in place of conventional cotton.

It’s been a remarkable journey riddled with challenges and obstacles, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I am proud of how far we have come as a brand, what we stand for, and where we are going.

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Janny Lukawski, Let’s All Sing Along

mom owned business lets all sing together

Janny and her daughter Audrey

I am a native from Hong Kong and studied in England from the age of 15. I earned my Teacher’s Licentiate degree from Trinity College of Music, London, and have enjoyed teaching classical piano to children ever since.

In 2001, my daughter Audrey was born. During Audrey’s early childhood, we attended many baby/toddler activities together and the one thing we enjoyed the most was early childhood music programs. When my daughter started preschool in 2004, I decided to start my own Let’s All Sing Along music program so I can use my training to open the door to musical development for young minds.

My music families affectionately calls me Teacher Janny. Occasionally the wee ones will call me “Teacher Jammy”, which I think is just precious! I am passionate about working with young children and am keen on conducting informal music classes in a fun, relaxed, and playful setting where families share songs, instruments, play, and movement activities. I feel most rewarded seeing young children develop basic music competency and self-discipline through the actual experience of making music, where various instruments and props are used to introduce tonalities, meters, music styles and rhythm chants.

I adore the littles ones and love it when they will come and sit on my lap during song time. It is not unusual to see 3, 4 or even 5 children sitting on my lap at one time! It is not only fun to sing and dance with them, it can also be a great workout for me! I am grateful for my 10 years of teaching at Sprout and hope to continue for another 10 years!

Find a Let’s All Sing Together class at Sprout’s SF location.

Susan Bordon, LCSW, CLEC, CCE, Founder: Kinspace

mom owned business Kinspace

Susan with her sons Jonah and Talyn.

When I had my first son, Jonah, 8 years ago, we had recently moved to a new city and I remember feeling completely overwhelmed, and also isolated. Being my nerdy self, I spent so much time researching every challenge with my baby, that I was over-informed. I found myself feeling paralyzed by lack of confidence, and just waiting for this “mama instinct” I had heard about to kick in. Somehow, I managed to stumble into a mommy and me group that I’m pretty sure saved me, and probably my sanity. Even though I was new to the city, I now had a sanctuary of other moms going through the same thing, was able to have a place to ask questions, share stories and even find humor in the dark times. I found my village. I also knew that I had uncovered my own passion for not only creating community for new and expectant parents, but also helping them to feel informed, confident, and secure in the choices they make for their families. Parenting is not easy, and I truly believe we were not meant to do this alone. I created Kinspace out of this need. The need for parents to have the support, education, and tools they need to feel empowered in their new roles, as well as a community to share it all with. I hope to share my vision and make this community our village.

Learn more about Kinspace groups and classes at Sprout or near you in the SF Bay Area. 

Suzanne Price, Founder & CEO: Sprout San Francisco

mom owned business Sprout San Francisco

Suzanne with Matt and their daughters Amber and Hannah.

Last but not least: our very own Suzanne Price. Fun fact! Sprout isn’t just mom owned, it’s also entirely woman operated and over the years woman-operated has been steadily turning into mom-operated.

Every day, I am motivated by my two amazing daughters to continue to research the healthiest products for our children. I started Sprout because I learned about how the chemicals babies are exposed to when they’re young can have effects on their development that can emerge years later. As the mother of daughters, I am especially concerned about hormone disrupting chemicals that could lead to early puberty, infertility, or breast cancer. As I continue to learn what my daughters should or should not be exposed to, I am so grateful to have the platform of Sprout through which I can share this information with other parents as well. I truly believe that if we vote with our dollars, we can pressure the manufacturers to take harmful ingredients out of their products and offer healthier options for everyone.

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