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Sprout’s Perfect Gift Guide

It seems like we are always helping new and returning customers with friends, family or co-workers that have someone in their life who is announcing their first pregnancy, attending a baby shower or receiving a first birthday invitation. These are all amazing milestones and great reasons to celebrate, but it can be hard to pick the perfect gift. Customers often come into the store asking for a gift guide, and I get emails from friends and family asking for suggestions all the time. Gift picking and giving is one of my favorite things to do and one of Sprout’s specialties, so we put together a fun little gift guide for every joyous occasion since it seems be a never-ending cycle of fun firsts!

Congratulations on Your Pregnancy Gifts:
It's always tricky when it comes to choosing a little something for the newly pregnant friend, spouse, co-worker or relative. It's great to choose a gift that the expectant mother can use in the upcoming months to help get them get in the mind set of what to expect. One of Sprout’s most popular products The Oh Baby Belly Butter by Mambino is a great organic belly balm that helps with the ever-growing baby bump. We also have the A Little Something for Mom-To-Be gift set put together full of wonderful products for mama. It's also great to pair with a fun and informative book like this customer favorite, “Healthy Child, Healthy World.” It's a great introduction to the world of children and how you can get started in the healthiest way possible.

Perfect Shower Gifts:
Going off of a registry when gift shopping for a baby shower is always great, but sometimes you either waited too long and all the gifts were purchased or maybe the receiver only registered for the “boring” stuff. Here are a few of our favorite shower gift suggestions. First, the very cozy and cute take me home set, Stripes and Animals Gift Set, with its cozy kimono top and matching loose fitting pants. We also love these organic fleece blankets with silk trim along the edge, great for snuggling and tummy time.

Congratulations on Your Baby’s Arrival Gifts:
One of the most exciting and amazing occasions to celebrate is the arrival of a new baby! It’s always a good idea to get something fun and cute but also practical, especially for first time parents. It's best to think outside the box for this gift since the parents have been getting presents at baby showers and from their registry. Our favorite gifts are those with either a special meaning, like our favorite childhood book, “Good Nigh San Francisco,” with a little something written inside, or something they can grow into and be personalized. Name Trains are one of our most popular and unique gifts. Not only are they so cute with the baby’s name spelled out but also a real toy that as the baby grows they can actually play with! Another popular gift to throw into the mix are these stuffed animal blankets in a square shape often referred to as a “lovie” or “security blanket.” These are great and most babies gravitate towards them from birth and often teeth on them as they get older. It’s both cute and practical at the same time!
If you are looking to spend a little more and want more of a keepsake gift we also carry these beautiful wooden Rockabye BabyWind Up Music Boxes.

Congratulations on Being a First Time Dad Gifts:
Often times we are so busy buying gifts for mom and new baby that we forget that new dads should get something, too. They have helped through this amazing journey and could use a little “push prize” as well. The Ergo Baby Carrier is a great gift for Dad to wear and to carry a new baby around in to bond. It has great back support and a stylish design… but just stylish enough so he can still feel manly! There are also fun and humorous books for dads and sports themed books that we have in our store which make great gifts as well. View all of Sprout's books here.

A Little Something for the New Big Brother, Sister or Both:
We are always asked, “What is a good gift for the older sibling so they don’t feel left out?” Check out these adorable matching Big Brother and Big Sister tees. Not only will these help the sibling feel included, the new parents will love them as well. Another option is to get the older sibling a new toy since the baby will be receiving plenty of new gifts. For a girl, this all organic Pink Doll is very cute and this Musical Band drum set for a boy will be sure to keep him entertained.

First Birthday Gifts:
First birthdays are always a fun event to attend and such a milestone for the little one. They are most likely getting ready to walk and well on the way to getting into everything! Anything that moves or makes noise, and is not too small for them to put in their mouths, will most likely be a huge hit. These Dump Truck and Recycle Trucks are perfect for a 1st birthday. We actually have both of these in our SF playroom and the kiddos love playing with them. Another great gift is this Walker Wagon; with all its entertaining bells and whistles it will help to get the newly one year old excited to practice walking.

There are always new and exciting announcements and celebrations and great excuses to give amazing gifts. We hope this gift guide has helped create some fun ideas, but please feel free to visit or call the stores for more personalized suggestions.