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Category: For Mom & Dad

Expecting your own little sprout or already a mom? Here’s where to find the essentials for keeping yourself and your family healthy.

What I Love: The Conflicting Loves of an Entrepreneur Mom

When I was asked to write about “what I love” for Valentine’s Day, my mind immediately went to my girls, but then in a few other directions. I think this must be the plight of every mom out there, that we never have the time to dedicate ourselves 100% to our kids as well as… Read more »

What’s Different in Denmark

Our family just spent ten days with dear friends who live in Copenhagen, Denmark and have two kids about the same ages as our own. We ended up spending a lot of time discussing the similarities and differences in the way we raise young kids in our two countries. It was extremely interesting. I think… Read more »

Our Five Favorite Books – A Sprout Reading List

Friends and customers are always asking me for suggestions of books to read if they want to learn more about the a healthy environment for their families and what they should be looking out for. Also, I am often quoting from some of my favorite books unsolicited when I get excited about a topic or… Read more »

Gifts for a Newborn (or Soon-to-Be-Born)

One of the most exciting and amazing occasions to celebrate is the arrival of a new baby! When buying a gift for a newborn, it is always a good idea to get something fun and cute but also practical, especially for first time parents. Think outside the box for this special occasion because the parents… Read more »

Daughters of DES: A Cautionary Tale

A common sentiment we hear at the store is, “I was exposed to X when I was a kid and I'm fine” or “my mom did X when she was pregnant with me and I'm fine.” We sincerely hope that for everyone that says this, they really are “fine”. For the women who took the… Read more »

Interview with a Dad Close to Sprout’s Heart

For all the great dads out there, and in honor of Father’s Day, we thought we would share our conversation with a very special Dad who's close to Sprout's heart. Matt Price, husband of our founder Suzanne Price, told us the story of when he first heard about Sprout and what the journey has been… Read more »

Keep Harmful Chemicals Out of Children’s Products

A couple of years ago, I attended a presentation by the Environmental Working Group called “10 Humans.” Watch the video here. The presentation began by stating that researchers had tested the blood of 10 humans from all different parts of the country and all different racial and socio-economic backgrounds and had found a total of… Read more »

Moxi Eco Salon Q&A

At Sprout, we believe that the products a woman uses on her body (including her hair) are incredibly important, especially when pregnant or if you think you may want to be pregnant down the road. When I look for a place to get my hair cut, I not only want to make sure that what… Read more »

Q&A with Joseph Hei, Founder of Orbit Baby

When we started Sprout we looked around for a stroller and car seat company that shared our ideals and standards and we were so excited to find Orbit right in our backyard! We have enjoyed a great working relationship with Orbit, and we believe that they are as focused on your child's health as we… Read more »

How I Learned to Take Time for Training & Win My Children’s Cooperation

By Deborah Mitchell, Ph.D. I want to share the story of how my three-year-old daughter brought me, a Clinical Psychologist, to my knees and how I regained my footing.  Parenting got really difficult right around the time my daughter turned three.  I started to find myself embroiled in battles that left me frustrated, helpless, and… Read more »