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Category: For Mom & Dad

Expecting your own little sprout or already a mom? Here’s where to find the essentials for keeping yourself and your family healthy.

New Year’s Resolutions: How to Make Changes

With New Year's resolutions floating around to start off the year right, we decided to make a list of changes you can make now for a healthy and organic home. While we can all get overwhelmed and bogged down with the newest organic studies and reports, we wanted to share simple and affordable tips that… Read more »

Sprout Holiday: Organic & Natural Gift Guide

This time of year, there are many guides talking about gifts for babies and children. These are great to read and can help choose presents for your little ones and extended family members, but it is also essential to remember to give healthy gifts to your loved ones. Many of today’s popular clothing and toy… Read more »

Sprout Organic Challenge: Our Experience

Read below as one of our top employees shares her experiences with the Organic Challenge… During the week leading up to Thanksgiving, Sprout San Francisco challenged employees and friends to eat as organically as possible and to share their experiences along the way. A few days before the challenge began, I thought, no sweat, I… Read more »

Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season to be thankful and spread the healthy love! We have compiled a few of our favorite, new and classic gifts, that are great to give for all the upcoming holidays, for all ages! At Sprout, we love to provide healthier options for our family and customers. Whether it be an organic “take… Read more »

Sprout’s Perfect Gift Guide

It seems like we are always helping new and returning customers with friends, family or co-workers that have someone in their life who is announcing their first pregnancy, attending a baby shower or receiving a first birthday invitation. These are all amazing milestones and great reasons to celebrate, but it can be hard to pick… Read more »

Play-Based Preschools (and Finding a Fit for Your Child)

As we began to search for a preschool for our oldest daughter, I was overwhelmed by the different philosophies we heard about; Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Academic, etc. The one that seemed to be mentioned most in the San Francisco schools we toured was Reggio Emilia, also referred to as “play-based.” In order to help explain… Read more »

Picking a Preschool – And Trying to Get In…

After having grown up in Manhattan and going through the private school scene there, one thing that I thought I would not have to worry about when I had my own kids in San Francisco was getting them into preschool. That turned out to be almost as stressful as I hear it is in NYC… Read more »

Registering for Baby: Where to Start

Registering for baby can often be overwhelming and exciting all at the same time! Here is a simple guide to follow, making sure you are prepared to build the perfect registry for your needs. Where to start– This is similar to when you are going to start preparing for the nursery. Take a look around… Read more »

Finding the Perfect Nanny

Interested in hiring help for your family but not sure where to start?  We sat down with Mimi from Westside Nannies to find out the best way to “Find the Perfect Nanny for your Family”. What is the first thing parents should do once they have decided to hire help?Great question! When you decide it's… Read more »

How to Throw a Green Baby Shower

Over the past few years baby shower bashes have become quite the party to attend. Not only are we seeing joint parties with both parents, but fully catered themed parties as well! While this may be a fun way to celebrate the arrival of your little one, we would like to offer a less wasteful… Read more »